Kundali Reading

Kundali reading for marriage

Kundali reading for marriage
Kundali: Whenever a person takes birth in India, then his or her future is determined by his horoscope. Kundali reading for marriage is very modern software that tells you about the tomorrow's coming in your life and makes you aware. In the horoscope, the details of your position of planets are written extensively and on the basis of them, you are made to believe that each planet has its own significance, and it leaves the same effect in your life. The horoscope tells you about the life of your life, such as: marriage, financial status, education and such a stop is given information.

If these yog are present in your kundali then you will get, beautiful, virtuous and fortunate wife

  • If a person has a Taurus or Libra amount in the seventh house of the horoscope, then he finds a beautiful wife.
  • If the lord of the seventh house of the horoscope is a gentle planet and it is in the sixth house, it is attained in accordance with the Self, then the person receives a beautiful and fortunate wife.
  • When the owner of the seventh house is a gentle planet and is in the ninth house then the person receives a talented and beautiful wife. In this yoga, a person's Bhagyodaya happens after marriage.
  • If the owner of the seventh house is present in eighth house, the wife of a man is beautiful, cultural, sweet and polite speaking. After the marriage, the income of the person increases or benefits are also received through the wife.
  • If a person has Taurus or Libra in the seventh house of the horoscope, then the person receives an intelligent wife in a clever, sweet speaker, beautiful, educated, culturally, sharp feautures, fair in colour, music art etc.
  • If a female has a Gemini or Virgo in the seventh house of the horoscope then the person receives a gentle, attractive personality, a lucky, sweet spoken wife.
  • The person who has cancer in the seventh house of the horoscope receives elegant, passionate, imaginative, sweet-spoken, long-stature, tinny features, lucky wife.
  • If the horoscope of the horoscope is Aquarius, then the wife of such a person is interested in virtuous, religious, spiritual activities, and cooperates with others.
  • If there is a Sagittarius or Pisces in the seventh house of the horoscope, then the person, who is interested in the work of virtue, talking about beautiful, justice and policy, receives a fortune for husband and a wife studying science.

Special: As well as the quotations here at Kundali reading for marriage, study the other formulas of the horoscope and the positions of the planets. Due to other uses, the fruits mentioned here can also change.

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